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Teaching Area(s): Education

Title: Professor of Education Courses Taught: Steve Madden Colorful mZSk3

Teaching as a Profession Teaching chose me. During my undergrad years, I was a camp counselor at Red Arrow Camp in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Actually, Chris Farley was a camper in my cabin for about two summers. Can you imagine going canoeing with a young Chris Farley? When I graduated from college I didn’t have a teaching certificate; in fact, my first job was in sales. It appeared that I would be good at sales, but I was encouraged to oversell to my customers—to me, this was dishonest. I couldn’t live with myself and do what I was told, so I quit and started working a general labor job. After a while of working with molten steel, I decided to pursue another career and went back to school to get a second degree in education. Now I don’t feel dishonest in my job and only lie to my students when I play devil’s advocate.

Professional Accomplishments Receiving the Laredo Myra YuYh0TfBHf
at Mount Union was quite humbling. There are so many of my colleagues at Mount Union who deserve this award. I felt quite blessed to be chosen, but I think that I feel proudest when former students come back and share stories with me about how they’ve made a difference in children’s lives—that’s a big, BIG deal.

Teaching Style I try to keep things as interactive as possible and be as humane as possible. I tell stories of my successes and failures in teaching and try to show them that our failures are probably our greatest learning experiences. Jokes (at least they’re funny to me), lateral thinking puzzles, dance cards, etc. are ways that I try to mix it up.

Global Research My most recent research project involved global mindset and a four-month trip that took me to India , Singapore, Japan and South Africa where I interviewed over 100 students about cosmopolitanism. This research has added to my expertise regarding international comparisons of educational systems. Believe me when I tell you that students around the world can be just as engaging as they are right here at Mount Union.

Best Part of the Job No doubt about it, it’s the TEACHING. My students are the best.

Ghostly Adventures My favorite building is Chapman Hall because of the ghosts! I plan on doing some haunting eventually.

Atmosphere and Traditions Mount Union is unique in its amiable atmosphere and unique traditions.

Research Interests Cosmopolitanism, creativity and cognition

Education B.A., English and Speech, Wittenberg UniversityB.S., Elementary Education, Kent State UniversityM.S., Reading Specialist, University of AkronPh.D., Teacher Education, University of Idaho

I tell stories of my successes and failures in teaching and try to show them that our failures are probably our greatest learning experiences.

What you need to know about the Analytics user ID migration to the Admin Console in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

On this page:

For general help on Admin Console topics (not related to the Analytics migration), see Athena Alexander Cassort TStrap Sandal Z0eKjp

After you migrate, you can Suecomma Bonnie Chiffon Ruffle Detailed Sandals Qkn3X78vGE
in the Admin Console.

What is the Analytics user ID migration?

The Analytics user ID migration enables administrators to easily migrate user accounts in Analytics User Management to the Adobe Admin Console. After your users are migrated, they will have access to the solutions and core services available in the Experience Cloud. The migration is being rolled out to customers in phases.

The benefits of using the Admin Console include:

What to know (and do) before migrating user IDs (FAQ)

Answers to questions you might have before the migration.

What to know during the migration (FAQ)

Important information about the migration process and how it impacts current user management.

What to know after the migration (FAQ)

Important: Review the following issues that may apply to you during the migration.

How to notify your users about the migration

You may want to pro-actively communicate this migration plan to your current users. Here is a template you can customize to send all your current Analytics users:

To email all users, navigate to Analytics > Admin > User Management > Email Users .

Subject: Coming Soon - A new way to login to Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Cloud.

Body: Hello Adobe Analytics users!

Our company will begin migrating all Adobe Analytics accounts away from to Adobe Experience Cloud ( ). With this migration, your Adobe Analytics account will be upgraded to enable access to Analytics via the Adobe Experience Cloud. While the method to access Analytics will change, all your existing permissions to your report suites and tools will be preserved.

Next steps: We will begin to migrate users beginning on <INSERT DATE>. Watch for a welcome message with your new login addressed to the email id listed under your analytics account. If you have not setup an Adobe ID linked to your email address, you will be asked to setup an account .

Helpful resources:

Access the Experience Cloud: VOLATILE Paolina pWjiKzHk8

Finn Comfort Classic Soft Flat Insole rnXMrXIpM
in the Experience Cloud

Please contact your Analytics administrators if you have any questions or concerns.


Analytics Admin


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